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The Direct Referral Income Way


Now we will show you why our experience and proven marketing methods stand us above and beyond the rest.

For a Referral Marketing Program to be successful it requires a balance of solid leadership, good products / services and committed people.

We believe we have all of those and then some.

We provide various methods and a variety of products to help you achieve your goals & attain your dreams.

For example, our Broadband Phone Voice Service and our Virtual Fax service offer the latest in telecommunications technology.

Our company email and personal web pages give you that professional image as well as the competitive edge.

Our Referral Marketing Program makes it easy for almost anyone to develop their own client base and build a strong business following.

Together these products and programs allow you to offer the hottest products and build a solid business without the investment or headaches of establishing and running a traditional business.

This is your own business, you can work it full time or part time. You can start out part time and work it up to a point where you will not need or want to be working for someone else any longer. You could easily be earning more money with less work after just a few months.

Now, donít get us wrong, we are not saying that you will make $10,000.00 over night or get rich quick, there is no legitimate business out there that can honestly claim that, but if you follow our marketing outline and put in a little effort, you will be well on your way to earning an impressive monthly income.

We are not a hard selling organization and this is not a hard selling business, just simply one person recommending a product / service to another and being paid for that recommendation, thatís all.

The basic principle of success to our Direct Referral Marketing Program is using our products / services, bragging about them and the income potential, the rest will follow automatically.

As we stated, our program is very simple and does NOT require you to sell anything, stock anything or make a large investment in some useless ďsales / starter kitĒ or attain certain goals / levels to receive your commissions and monthly residuals.

The only requirement to be eligible to receive commissions and monthly residuals is that you maintain your own service with us and your account is up to date.

Every client is a potential reseller able to make commissions and residual income.

Unlike many other companies, that use a referral based marketing approach and ask for $500.00, $1,000.00 or more just to join their organization and have the right to sell their products, we are not looking to get you to pay high sign on fees, make any long term commitments, or constantly reach certain level or goals in order to receive your commissions.

You simply pay a one-time account set-up / activation fee of $49.99 and subscribe to the service or services you like.

You are automatically a reseller, able to start referring others and receive commissions and monthly residuals.

Thatís it! Itís that simple.

If you donít want to refer anyone, then donít. You will still receive the same quality service and customer support that any other client receives, but you will not be eligible to receive any commissions or monthly residuals. Itís completely your choice.

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Our Experience = Your Benefit!


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