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The Direct Referral Income Way


DRI Entrepreneurs was formed in 1981 by 4 friends that were involved in other, network marketing / direct marketing / referral based income, companies.

Our initial goal was to embrace the good and eliminate the bad aspects of these network marketing companies, as well as dispelling, the bad reputation these types of companies had generated.

Along with our initial goal was to form a program that could evolve and stand the test of time.

Like any other business, especially a start up, we made our share of mistakes along the way.

There is no successful business that can say in total honesty that they never made a mistake or bad decision.

The most important thing about our mistakes, we learned from them, moved forward and didnít repeat them.

We all come from either a business or marketing background and have built and / or managed businesses before.

Building and managing other businesses in a variety of fields has given us the experience and unique perspective to understand and identify what works and what simply, does not.

What we have identified is that for a business, any business, to be successful it must have four key components, a good product or service, a solid marketing strategy, be able to adapt to changes in the marketplace and allow the business to evolve as time goes on.

The products / services that we offer are just that, good. They are not just a here & now fad but rather the evolution of previous offerings with the ability to evolve even further.

Just as we have been here watching them evolve into what we have today, we plan to be here when they evolve into the products / services of tomorrow.

Our marketing strategy is simple, straight forward and as fundamental as the alphabet.

If you use a product or service and are happy with it, you will be glad to recommend it to someone else.

Our products / services along with our marketing strategy are the blueprint to success.

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Developing & managing Direct Referral Income has never been easier!


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